Products and Services

1 BTC Cutlass Bearings
9  STS-B Stern Tube Seal
 12 STS-A Stern Tube Seal
  One of the Mini Bulk Carrier using our Propeller Shaft and Rudder Assemblies
  Pressure Testing BC3 Bronze Liner cast by our Foundry Section
  Pressure Testing BC3 Bronze Rudder Stock Liner to Lloyd’s Surveyor Satisfaction.
Size: 883cm (O/Dia) x 843 mm (I/Dia) x 2200mm (Length)
  Supplying BTC Cutless Bearing Straight and Flange Type
  Statistis Balancing of 3.6metre Diameter Propeller
  Finished Sterntube and Propeller Shafts For Tug Boats and Coastal Ferries
  Fabricated and Final Grinding of a Roller for a paper factory.
Size: 500mm (Dia) x 4000mm (Length)
Fabricated and Assembled, the Stern Roller of a Supply Vessel undergoing Final Inspection.
  Fabricated Hanging Rudder Blade and Stock for Oil Tanker
  Boring the Pre-Fabricated Rudder Blade Palm Piece to achieve a better contact surface.
  Machining of a New Steel Shaft complete with Bronze Liner according to specifications.